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 2023 Jason Hawkins Skate by the Lake

Dear MFSC Members and Friends,

I regret to inform you that we have no choice but to cancel this year's Skate by the Lake Figure Skating Competition.

We were notified by Manchester Ice & Event Center that they had to postpone a major repair of their compressor from September to Mid-October and they cannot guarantee that it will be completed in time for our event. The concern is not getting all the parts needed in time and the possibility of something unforeseen going wrong requiring us to cancel last minute.

When putting together an event such as this, the club has to put out a lot of money that is not all refundable. Luckily, we are only out $2193.60. If we were to wait until a later date to cancel, this amount would be upwards of $10,000, not to mention that our guests who are traveling wouldn't be able to receive refunds for their own traveling expenses.

We did toss around the idea of moving locations, however, all nearby rinks are booked. We've also thought about changing dates.... which is up for discussion with the board and the new Competition Committee.

As it is, the current competition committee is working on tying up some loose ends, and will hand everything over to the current board.

Thank you everyone for your hard work and effort in putting this together.

Officially-Retired Competition Chair,
Rachael Ikola

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