Meet Our Coaches

 Lori Benton​

Born and raised in San Diego, Lori completed at the amateur level through college and medaled at the United States Figure Skating Championships and World University Games while attending San Diego State University.  After college, she went on to earn the title of World Professional Figure Skating Champion in 1989.


Lori performed as a principal soloist in Ice Capades, Holiday on Ice and numerous shows worldwide from 1981 through 2002 and has shared her technical and creative love of the sport of figure skating with her students, National Competitors and Olympic Medalists since 1985!

A professional choreographer, Lori has contributed her creativity and signature style to professional ice shows over the past twenty five years including Tacoma’s Lakewood Winter Club annual ice shows, summer productions of the Sun Valley Ice Show now known as Sun Valley on Ice, and since 2011, the Manchester Ice & Event Centre’s McCall Starz on Ice!

Email Lori    (208) 559-0211

Marie Furnary

As a PSA Double Master-rated coach in Moves in the Field and Group, Marie has more than 20 years of coaching experience, and is a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Ice Dance. Marie’s primary coach was Olympic Team pairs/dance coach Ron Ludington, who ingrained techniques of his coach, Maribel Vinson-Owen, in all of his skaters. She also holds a PSA Level II ranking, a Certified Rating in Ice Dance, a Registered Rating in Freestyle, and is a Level 1 & 2 hockey accredited & power skate coach with the PSA.

Marie's MFSC skaters include 8 Gold/Senior USFS Test Medalists since the club’s inception in 2003. Her skaters’ other achievements include competing as co-captain of the 2012 National Collegiate Champion Team: receiving the highest IJS score out of 44 Preliminary girls at the 2013 US Figure Skating NW Pacific Regionals; performing as a cast member of the 2015 Holiday on Ice European Tour of Passion as well as in the 2015-2016 US tour of Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic. She has also taught at the Dartmouth FSC in New Hampshire, and at the Johnstown FSC in Pennsylvania.


Email Marie     (208) 630-4028

 Leesa Johnson

Leesa has over 25 years experience as a figure skating coach and 20 years of management experience in the skating industry.  She has been a member of US Figure Skating since 1978, a member of the Professional Skaters Association since 1998 and USA Hockey since 2008. She spent 3 years as a US Figure Skating Basic Skills Area Representative. She is a Professional Skater Association Master Rated Program Director. She holds a PSA registered rating in Moves In the Field & Free Skating, a PSA senior rating in group instruction and she is Level 1 & 2 hockey accredited & power skate coach with the PSA.  She is Bronze Medalist in Free Skate and a double adult Gold Medalist with US Figure Skating.  Leesa’s skaters have won gold, silver, bronze and pewter medals at US Figure Skating’s Pacific Northwest Regionals. 

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